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Business Dashboard Overview

A business dashboard is a type of graphical user interface tool, which facilitates business users to track their business performance with the help of data visualization in a dashboard layout. It simplifies complex data sets with the help of drag-and-drop and auto-generated code for sharing your dashboard is commonly known as a business dashboard.

Business dashboard

What is a Business Dashboard?

A business dashboard is a powerful drag-and-drop tool which doesn’t require any programming skill and that tracks and simplifies complex data query and gives quick insight of business performance to the business users.

Why do companies use business dashboards?

The main reason for using a business dashboard is to provide a comprehensive view of business performance. A business dashboard summarizes different sections of business with easy-to-understand in a graphical layout.

Which Different Types of Business Dashboards Exist?

KPI Dashboard with excel and other data source

There are mainly three types of business dashboards available.

  1. Operations Business Dashboard: An operational business dashboard is a reporting tool that is used to monitor business processes that frequently change and to track the current business performance of KPIs.
  2. Strategic Business Dashboard: A strategic business dashboard is a reporting tool that is used to monitor the status of key performance indicators (KPIs), and are typically used by business executives such as CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.
  3. Analytics Business Dashboard: An analytical business dashboard is a reporting tool that is used to analyze huge volumes of data set to allow users to investigate trends, predict outcomes, and discover insights.

Type of business dashboard software.

Dashboard Builder is available on both delivery modules ON-PREMISE download and install directly on your computer OR use ONLINE. Following is an overview of all types of dashboard builder available for you.

  1. On-premise: business dashboard software is installed directly on computer having Windows, Linux and Ubuntu or any other platforms support Apache, Nginx etc. Dashboards are managed locally and typically published via exporting as a PNG or generating PHP code for publishing your dashboard.
  2. Online Cloud based: The online business dashboard software gives you the freedom to access your dashboard from anywhere. It generates universal HTML code, enables you to share your dashboard to any website to boast impressive functionality and feature-depth in a lightweight package.
  3. On mobile: The business dashboard Software is responsive and accessible on any mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. It’s automatically responds to the environment based on media's screen size, platform and orientation.

Type of KPI Dashboard

All of these charts are responsive that means the KPI dashboard responds to the media's screen size, platform, and orientation to render the KPI dashboard to fit on a variety of devices such as MS Window, mobile phones, tablets and PC’s screen sizes.

Business dashboard examples

Business dashboard let you focus and align your entire business on a single glance to improve your most important business metrics. Following are the top most important business dashboard examples are designed to make your business KPIs unmissable on a screen so that you can see how different section of your business performing and prioritize work to improve performance.

  1. Business dashboard for sale
  2. Business dashboard for marketing
  3. Business dashboard for Financial Management
  4. Business dashboard for startup
  5. Business dashboard for supply chain
  6. Business dashboard for warehouse
  7. Business dashboard for Accounts receivables
  8. Business dashboard for HR
  9. Business dashboard for Performance Analysis
  10. Business dashboard for operations

FREE business dashboard

Business dashboard is free online and on-premises software shares much of the same help resources as it’s commercial license. Business dashboard free version is great for indusial-oriented dashboarding and analytics. The business dashboard software free version also be found on GitHub under this license for Business dashboard Open Source Community. If you need more capabilities such as using commercially then evaluate our commercial license.

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