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Chart Maker Overview

Make a range of beautiful charts with this great Chart Maker tool in a matter of minutes.

Chart Maker

Chart Maker lets you make free pie chart maker online, line chart, scatter bar chart, donuts chart, bubble chart, stack chart, area chart, heatmap chart and choropleth map dynamically, as well as choose from different color themes so that you can create data-rich visualizations without stress and without writing a single code of programming.


Download and share your charts with anyone.

Save your data visualizations as images or Generate PHP code and embed them live on your website.


Need data from a database?

This great free data chart maker allows you to connect and retrieve data from various data source which includes MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Cubrid & SQLite and generates dashboard with source code in real-time.


Mobile-friendly chart creator

The Charts are responsive and adapt to any device you use. Access charts from anywhere, any time, on standard browsers using any internet-enabled device such as PC, tablet or mobile.


A cloud-based Online Chart Maker

Besides on-premises, Dashboard Builders offer an cloud-based FREE chart maker online tool. The FREE online chart maker is web dashboard tool which gives you the freedom to access your chart maker from anywhere having just internet connected computer. Not only this great online chart creator also enable you to embed the auto generated universal HTML code to show your charts or graph with the rapid development of web technologies (like APIs) to use with any website or web application. The chart maker free to subscribe and is a subscription-based Software as a service (SaaS) application which means no license fees are required. Additionally, the online chart maker gives you the freedom to decide when to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan. Our affordable plans are designed in such a way to adapt your needs.

The best part is, this Chart Maker is free to use.

Charts maker is the most widely used tool for displaying data visually. This great free chart creator tool helps you to design and share dynamic charts online and on-premises for free. We support a number of different chart types like: bar charts, pie charts, line charts, bubble charts and radar plots.

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The project also offers free and paid plans. The code for this Chart Maker can be found on GitHub under this license