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Dashboard Builder (n): Dashboard Builder is a utility for retrieving, summarizing and displaying data in a graphical layout and helps you to generate source code for your dashboard without programming.

Dashboard Builder

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What is a Dashboard Builder?

Dashboard Builder is a drag-and-drop tool written in PHP, HTML and Javascript for building dynamic dashboards.
Dashboard Builder provides with the ability to create dashboard without writing a single line of code.

Dashboard Builder uses D3.js JavaScript library which turns the static graph into dynamic using HTML, SVG, and CSS. A dynamic graph gives your users the full capabilities of modern browsers by combining powerful visualization components and detailed data on clicks and hover.

D3.js based Dynamic Dashboard

Uses of Dashboard Builder

Dashboard Builder was initially developed in 2017 for retrieving, summarizing and displaying complex data in a graphical layout without writing a single code. Dashboard Builder has been addressing the primary concerns and facilitating its users with data analytics, data visualization, and business intelligence through technical innovation. Dashboard Builder has been used for measuring the following functional and operation areas:

  • Dashboard Builder for sale

  • Dashboard Builder for marketing

  • Dashboard Builder for Financial Management

  • Dashboard Builder for startup

  • Dashboard Builder for supply chain

  • Dashboard Builder for warehouse

  • Dashboard Builder for Accounts receivables

  • Dashboard Builder for HR

  • Dashboard Builder for Performance Analysis

  • Dashboard Builder for operation

Sales Dashboard Builder

Dashboard Builder Examples

Dashboard Builder pulls data from multiple data sources in real-time and displays it in a single location. It provides an at-a-glance summary of how an organization is performing in a graph. Dashboard Builder supports a huge range of chart types, here are some most famous examples of Dashboard.

KPI Dashboard Builder
Dashboard Example 1
Dashboard Example 3
Dashboard Example 2
Dashboard Example 6
Dashboard Example 5

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Ready to build your business dashboard?

Start building your dashboard in 3 easy steps.

STEP-1Dashboard Builder - Step 3

Build Your Own Business Dashboard

Once you've assembled the layout with our templates, you're going to build custom dashboard that tackle the unique and specific challenges of your business.

We've given you all the tools you need to build custom dashboard. As with any powerful software tool.

How it works:

Decide which data sources you'll need to access in order to create your dashboard. Use our powerful SQL engine or just write your SQL query to put your data with the custom editor to start bringing your data to life.

Not only this, Dashboard Builder also allows you to retrieve data from MS Excel, CSV files and Google Sheet.

STEP-2Dashboard Builder


Rather than fiddling around with various settings, Dashboard Builder has simple drag-and-drop UI, which allows you to reposition and resize your chart with ease.


Share your dashboard

  • Generate PHP code for your dashboard and embed the code anywhere in your web application.
  • Download your graph as an image and send out via scheduled email.
  • Generate a URL link for your dashboard and share with other users.

Dashboard Builder - Step 5

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