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Dashboard designer retrieves raw data from various data source and transforms it into graphic layout. Dashboard designer is fast and easy to design dashboard with a drag and drop feature, in a minute without coding.

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Dashboard Designer focuses on a huge range of dashboard for examples NGO Dashboard, Human Resources Dashboard, Accounts receivables Dashboard, Sales and Marketing Dashboard, Financial Management Dashboard, Performance Analysis Dashboard and many more.

Dashboard Designer examples

Dashboard Designer use online or install on premise

Dashboard Designer is available on various platforms such as online, on-premise. The online dashboard designer is accessible on any computer with an internet connection and no installation required.

Dashboard Designer also available on-premise, which is installed directly on a computer having Windows, Linux and Ubuntu or any other platforms support Apache, Nginx, etc.

Drag & Drop Dashboard Designer

Dashboard Designer allows you to transform dynamic data into dashboards through a powerful drag-and-drop tool and let you create a dashboard in just a few minutes without writing a single code.

Powerful SQL Code generator

Start visualizing your data retrieved from various data source suing our powerful SQL code generator in just one click.

Auto generated PHP script

Dashboard Designer generates PHP script for your Dashboard released under MIT license, the most popular software license on GitHub, ahead of any GPL variant and other free and open-source software (FOSS) licenses.

You are free to customize the auto-generated PHP script as per your desire and use it with any other application you want. You can find the complete information about the license here


Dashboard Designer offers free and paid plans. You can also download the Dashboard Designer FREE version. Best of all, with our Standard and Enterprise licenses, include 100% source code, for you to enhance the functionality or incorporate the Dashboard Designer into your web application or any PHP software solutions/products, analytics/data science/data warehouse enterprise systems or Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal sites.

All editions of Dashboard Designer series are still fully functional, for sale and supported and provides increasing levels of support to address the queries of users and developers. Dashboard Designer can also be implemented using an online API where you don’t have to mix with PHP code. The online API uses universal HTML code which can be used in any platform. The data will be added or retrieved from the database using the API. You may find more information about the Online Dashboard.

You may want to take a look at our complete documentation and video tours of the latest version along with a live tour of user interface and step by step instructions for performing key features.

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