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Dashboard Creator overview

DASHBOARD CREATOR is a browser-based drag and drops tool which displays complex data in a single graphical layout. Dashboard creator also creates source code of your dashboard and enables you to publish and share it with your colleague without programming, also known as dashboard maker.

Dashboard Creator

What is a Dashboard Creator?

Dashboard Creator is the most productive tool for building charts, graphs, tables and dashboards which doesn’t require any programming skill to create a dynamic and the best interactive dashboard just in a few clicks. It also creates source code for your dashboard without coding. Dashboard creator was built using the most commonly and widely platforms such as PHP, Javascirpt, HTML and CSS.

Create high quality professional dashboards with Dashboard Creator

Dashboard Creator software is one of the most popular data visualization tools which allows business users to effectively understand, see data, and then make a decision accordingly to solve business problems. Dashboard Creator software allows users to retrieve data from disparate data sources into a single layout screen, build visual reports and graphs for analysis, and empower everyone with actionable information.

To meet your business needs, Dashboard Creator gives you a number of options of platforms. You can use Dashboard Creator online or download it on your PC.

Dashboard Creator is available for FREE download and use online

On-premise Dashboard Creator

You can install Dashboard Creator on your computer directly and manage locally. Following are the requirements of Dashboard Creator on-premise version.


Dashboard Creator can be installed in any platform like Windows, Linux and Ubuntu or any other platforms that support Apache, Nginx, etc.

  • PHP Version 5.6 or later
  • Apache 2 or later
  • Windows 7 or later /Linux 3 or later
  • Firefox 52, Chrome 57, IE 8

On-premise version of Dashboard creator, dashboards are managed typically published via exporting as a PNG image file or generating PHP code for publishing and sharing your dashboard.

on-premise Dashboard Creator

Online Dashboard Creator

Meet our browser-based drag and drop dashbaord builder tool, the best online dashboard creator free tool which provides you with a user interface to organize and present your data in a graphical user interface (GUIs) using their login credential using a web browser on the web from anywhere internet-connected computer, without having the software installed on their PC or Laptop to use the best online dashboard creator tool.

The Dashboard Creator generates the universal HTML code to display and share your charts or dashboard with the rapid development of web technologies (like APIs) to any website or web application. Not only this, the Dashboard Creator helps you to publish your charts and dashboards across multiple devices via exporting as a PNG image file.

The online version of Dashboard Creator also offers FREE online dashboard creator which is a subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) application, which means no license fees are required.


Online dashboard creator runs on all SVG-compatible browsers with an internet-connected computer.

Online Dashboard Creator

What is Dashboard Creator used for?

Dashboard Creator gives you the freedom to connect and retrieve data from various sources of data such as MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Cubrid, CSV, MS Exel & SQLite and creates dashboard in real-time. Not only this, dashboard creator excel gives you an environment where you can visualize by retrieving your data from Excel in a LAMP environment.

Dashboard Creator also has the ability to retrieve data from Google sheet. The best description of the Google Dashboard Creator - with the Google Dashboard Creator you an easily connect to any Google sheets and display graph in a form of various charts type supported by the dashboard creator. As soon as you point to your Google Sheet, the google dashboard creator will start pulling data automatically. You can find detailed documentation on how to connect your Google Sheet and retrieve your data

Data Management Dashboard Creator

Create attractive dashboards with this greatest drag and drop technology.

Dashboard Creator helps you to Create attractive dashboards with this greatest drag and drop high-tech technology without programming in minutes. Dashboard Creator has a powerful, automatic SQL code generator with a drag and drop dashbaord buider interface, as you click on the table of your database, an optimized SQL code is automatically generated, which helps you to start bringing your data to life.

While the automatic SQL code meets the demands of almost all your business needs, It also enables you to enter SQL code manually or to customize the auto-generated SQL code to perform cross-database queries on-the-fly and instantly visualize the results.

Not only this but Dashboard Builder also allows you to retrieve data from MS Excel and CSV files.

Online Dashboard Creator

Dashboard Creator supports a variety of chart

Dashboard Creator allows you to present multiple charts in a single canvas. Dashboard Creator offers you variety of chart types including 3D, line, scatter, bar, pie, donuts, bubble, stack, area, heatmap, Sankey diagrams, and choropleth map. You can find more about how to create sankey diagram and online sankey diagram generator with sankey diagram creator.

Dashboard Creator Example
Variety of chart Dashboard Creator

Dashboard Creator theme

Choose a stunning, professional color scheme in one click. The pre-designed themes were all made by expert designers, providing a sleek, clean look when presenting the data that you have in your charts or graphs. Create a look that fits your needs, wants and has an appealing taste to it to match your company’s needs.

Colorful Dashboard Creator

Dashboard Creator is responsive

Dashboards are interactive database driven HTML5, fully responsive and adapt to any device you use. Dashboard Creator enables you to access dashboards from anywhere, any time, on standard browsers using any internet-enabled device such as PC, tablet or mobile.

Responsive Dashboard Creator

Dashboard Creator creates dynamic charts

The charts created by the Dashboard Creator are dynamic, based on D3.js library, using JavaScript HTML, CSS, and SVG to create visual representations of data which can be viewed on any modern browser and updates automatically when you change the data, on mouse click and on mouse hover.

Dashboard Creator generates source code for your dashboard

Dashboard Creator generates PHP code for your dashboard which can be embedded anywhere in a web application or website. This auto-generated creator code dashboard is under MIT license, which you may customize as per your desire needs and can be used an anywhere you want. You can find the complete information about the license here for dashboard code in PHP.

Creator code dashboard

Dashboard Creator is available for FREE

Dashboard Creator also offers free and paid plans for both on-premise and online dashboard creator free trial version. You can also find Free Dashboard Tool download. Best of all, with Dashboard Creator, Standard, and Enterprise licenses, include 100% source code, for you to enhance your business dashboard app with the functionality or incorporate Dashboard into your web application or any software solutions/products, analytics/data science/data warehouse enterprise systems or Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal sites.

All editions of our Dashboard Creator series are still fully functional, for sale and supported and provides increasing levels of support to address the queries of users and developers.

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