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Version: 4.2 Date June 02, 2020

New Features added: Data Analytics tool, fixed multilangual issue

Version: 4.1 Date April 08, 2020

New Features added: Multilingual, supports, English (US), German (Germany), Spanish (Spain), French (France), Italian (Italy) & Portuguese (Brazil)..

Version: 4.0 Date March 05, 2020

Fixed: Fixed PostgreSQL database server port issue.

Version: 3.9 Date Jan 15, 2020

New Features added: Ability to connect to Oracle database. Fixed SQL server issue.

Version: 3.8 Date Nov 25, 2019

New Features added: Dropdown menu added as an option to display a trace at a time

Version: 3.7 Date Oct 18, 2019

New Features added: Take a tour and a New Table as chart added

Version: 3.6 Date Sep 16, 2019

Fixes and New Features added:: Ability to manage legends position. New Chart Gauge added, Option for Sharing a dashboard. Added shadow effects.

Version: 3.5 Date Aug 22, 2019

New Features added:: Ability to select CSV/XLS files from server's folder already uploaded files, fixed XAMPP multi charts warning message.

Version: 3.4 Date June 15, 2019

New Features added:: Read data of Google Sheet from Google Drive.

Version: 3.3 Date May 18, 2019

New Features added:: Sunburst chart added to the commercial version.

Version: 3.2 Date Jan 15, 2019

New Features added:: 3D Line chart added, and fixed XLSX file uploading issue.

Version: 3.1 Date Nov 11, 2018

New Features added:: Ability to add multiple Y-axis to Combination charts.

Version: 3.0 Date Sep 01, 2018

New Features added:: Added Combination Charts.

Version: 2.19 Date Sep 01, 2018

New Features added:: Ability to view chart in chart design panel.

Version: 2.18 Date July 24, 2018

New Features added:: D3.js framework updated. Sankey Diagram added as a new chart type.

Version: 2.17 Date June 01, 2018

New Features added:: Ability to customize chart's color.

Version: 2.16 Date May 26, 2018

Bug Fixes: Fixed cross OS file handling issue

Version: 2.15 Date Apr 15, 2018

New Features added: : Released with new functionalities. ability to add multiple panels with drag,drop & resize options

Version: 2.13 Date Feb 14, 2018

Bug Fixes: Issue with Clear Data function was resolved.

Version: 2.12 Date Jan 30, 2018

New Features added: Load Sample data function added. handled special character from SQL query submission. Clear data button added.

Version: 2.10 Date Nov 30, 2017

New Features added: : Take a tour link, a single database connectivity for whole dashboard